(CBS) It was in mid-April 2014 that then-Bulls center Joakim Noah was famously flustered when informed in a postgame interview that it was snowing outside the United Center at a time in which he expected spring to be upon the city.

When it comes to weather, the new Bulls big man who’s front and center has a completely different view. It was with true joy that rookie Lauri Markkanen, a native of Finland, earnestly explained his reaction to waking up to snow Friday morning.

“I love it,” Markkanen said. “This is actually the happiest I’ve been in awhile, to see it snowing. I’ve been looking forward to it a long time. I hope it sticks.”

When informed he’ll be tired of the Chicago winter come January, Markkanen insisted he wouldn’t.

“No, I’m not,” Markkanen said. “You can ask me in January again.”