By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) – The South Loop’s Fred Anderson Dog Park is popular with many regulars, like Deborah Ervin.

But when a man showed up with his dog Thursday morning — and then left the dog there, unattended — she and other owners couldn’t believe it.

A witness says the dog appeared nervous after it was dropped off. They waited and then called an animal rescue ally to come get the tagless canine.

“I felt he was abandoned,” Ervin says.

dog Man Loses It When Confronted About Leaving Dog At Park

This dog was left unattended for more then 30 minutes at a dog park, witnesses tell CBS 2. (courtesy: Deborah Ervin)

The man did eventually return, more than 30 minutes later, she says.

Ervin confronted the man and shot it on her phone as the man cursed at her.

She followed him, anyway.

As the confrontation continued, the man picked the dog up by the leash, tossed it into the car and spit on Ervin.

“My only concern was about what he had done to the dog,” she says.

She filed a police report. Officers are only interested in the spitting, which is a battery. Those at the park Thursday hope police can do more.

CBS 2 was not able to reach the man in the video for comment.