CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicagoans drive through some of the heaviest traffic in the country.

The morning commute has earned I-90/94 a place in the top ten list for busiest roads in the country.

A study by Inrix published in the Wall Street Journal claims the average speed for northbound  I-90/94 in peak morning hours is 20.2 MPH.

For southbound lanes, it’s 28.5 MPR.

AAA spokesperson Beth Mosher thinks more transportation funding could help.

“It is so important that we can build new roads, enhance the roads that are already there, maintain the roads that are already there,” said Mosher. “So that we’re not hitting pothole after pothole wherever we’re headed.”

Important information as Thanksgiving week approaches.

AAA predicts the number of travelers taking a car to their destination will increase again this year.