CHICAGO (CBS) — Two infants were found unharmed after they were left inside a running vehicle that was stolen early Sunday from a Burnside gas station.

A 36-year-old man left his car running with his 5-month-old twin babies inside when he went to purchase a bottle of water at a gas station in the 8700 block of South Cottage Grove. According to police, as he was making the purchase, another man hopped in his car and took off.

Police later found the vehicle parked about a half mile away with both babies safely inside.

“The customer, when he saw his car was stolen, he ran away after them, but he couldn’t catch them,” said Sam Abdo, who is a clerk at the gas station.

Mohamed Saleh, another clerk, added, “He was scared, so scared. He came to that glass to tell us, like, the car is stolen and his kids are inside, so we give him the phone to call 911 and he was so scared.”

Police say no one is in custody.