CHICAGO (CBS) — We think congratulations are in order. It appears Chicago has officially converted yet another New Yorker to the good side.

Eric Phillips, the press secretary for the mayor of New York City, took to Twitter to express his pizza epiphany, claiming that Chicago’s Pequod’s Pizza makes the best pies in all the land.

“This is the best pizza in the United States and it’s not close,” Phillips tweeted on Saturday.

His bold, yet completely accurate, assessment did not sit too well with those back in the Big Apple. Many quickly came to New York’s defense, with one Twitter responder saying, “No. I won’t stand for this. First – that’s not pizza. Second – there is so much better on Staten Island Brooklyn and yes Queens.”

Phillips retorted, “I’ve lived in NYC for 12+ years. The flat, foldable, salt-less pizza is fine. I eat a lot of it. But it’s not as good as Chicago pizza. It’s like salisbury steak vs. actual steak. Sorry.”

For those who need a refresher, New York pizza is known for being thin and having a crispy crust — weak. Chicago, on the other hand, is known for its deep dish-style pizza, featuring a thick crust and an inch-deep blanket of sauce, cheese and toppings — robust. Seriously, there’s a competition here?

If you’re thinking people really don’t care what type of pizza the NYC mayor’s press secretary prefers, you’re wrong. Critics continued to slam Phillips, with the conversation still going strong as of Tuesday afternoon.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel even hopped on Twitter to chime in, tweeting, “Confirming what everyone already knew.” He also offered his apologies to Bill de Blasio, the New York City mayor.

In conclusion: Chicago-style pizza is the only pizza. Amen.

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