(CBS) – Aurora police say counterfeit cash used for television and film production has played a role in  several fraudulent transactions in recent months in the region.

The Aurora Police Department this week used social media to post pictures of the realistic-looking, but fake, currency, which usually include dead giveaways, such as the disclaimer, “For Motion Picture Use Only.” The bills also might say, “In Gold We Rust,” rather than “In God We Trust.”

funny money Funny Money Used In Fraudulent Transactions: Aurora Police

This fake $50 bill was used to fool people in the Aurora area, police say. (Aurora Police Department)

In one incident, a Naperville teen lost $1,200 when he set up a transaction online to sell some shoes. The “customer” used fake money to pay for the merchandise, police said.

A downtown restaurant owner was also fooled. A suspect paid for food with the fake currency and received $200 in real cash from the restaurant, police said.

fake2 Funny Money Used In Fraudulent Transactions: Aurora Police

Another example of the fake money Aurora police say has been used to rip people off. (Aurora Police Department)

Anyone with information is asked to call Aurora investigators at 630-256-5500 or Aurora Area Crime Stoppers at 630-892-1000.

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