CHICAGO (CBS) — Frango Mints, one of those holiday gift giving staples, were selling for what is believed to be an historic low on Tuesday, experts said.

The analysts at Frango Mint Price Tracker™ found a “Deal of the Day” price of $7.99 for a one pound box  at Macy’s on State Street.

frango mints price Frango Mint Price Tracker: Chocolates Selling At New Low

Frango Mints. (CBS)

The Price Tracker™ experts have never seen the candy sell at such a low price. In the past, the popular chocolates have sold for $9.99 around the holidays and typically can be found at least  50 percent off the regular price of $24.

It was unclear if today’s price was indeed only a one-day deal.

Frango Mints also recently came back under Chicago ownership, with Garrett Brand (of popcorn fame) buying it from Macy’s. 

For the past three years, CBS Chicago has been tracking Frango prices, which can be a volatile as gasoline. Just a week ago, the mints were selling for a relatively low $12.99. 

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