By Mai Martinez

(CBS) — It was all about the blue at St. Linus School in Oak Lawn Tuesday.

Students donated a dollar to sport everything from blue wigs to blue nail polish instead of their traditional school uniforms.

The cause? Raising awareness about Type 1 diabetes. Three St. Linus students are fighting it every day.

At 6 years of age and newly diagnosed, Mackenzie Trovato is the youngest.

Isaac Lopez has been living with the disease since kindergarten.

Ellie Bruton is the oldest of the three and she’s mastered answering all the questions, including what’s diabetes?

“I tell them it’s a disease that happens when an organ in your body doesn’t work properly,” she says.

While Mackenzie is still adjusting to life with Type 1 diabetes, Ellie’s quick to point out there are some perks to having the disease: “You get a fast pass when you go to like a water park.”

The fundraising event at the school raised more than $400.

At 9 a.m. Saturday, the school is hosting a turkey trot race. A portion of those proceeds will also be donated to the cause.