CHICAGO (CBS) — Two men have been arrested after an overnight heist and chase, and police believe the suspects may be tied to at least four of more than a dozen carjackings in the city since Sunday.

Surveillance video from the 800 block of North Racine shows an SUV pulling over, an alleged carjacker hopping out, then the offender’s car, with the stolen car behind it, driving off. Police spotted it soon after and gave chase.

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Heading westbound on the Ike, the suspects crashed, hit a wall and bolted on foot before being caught.

“This simply will not be tolerated in the city of Chicago,” said Police Supt. Eddie Johnson. “We’re going to come after you with everything that we have, everything at our disposal, and we will get you.”

Police say the two suspects are believed to be connected to three other carjackings this past week. In each case, the victims said three men approached them and stole their car at gunpoint:

• Around 2:30 a.m., three men approached two men and a woman near Wellington and Elston avenues in the Avondale neighborhood, and stole a Toyota Camry, after failing to steal a Lexus.
• Around 3 a.m., three men stole a car at gunpoint near Kinzie and Aberdeen in the West Town neighborhood.
• Around 4:30 a.m., three men approached a man near Augusta and Wolcott in the West Town neighborhood, and stole his Dodge Charger at gunpoint.

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While CPD now has a special task force targeting carjackers, with additional help from the FBI, Johnson called on the public to do it’s part, and encourages everyone to be aware and careful.

“Sitting in your car with it unlocked looking at social media, making phone calls, and not paying attention to your surroundings — that’s the way they pray upon people.”

Although the suspects are adults, Johnson says many are juveniles, who often only get a slap on the wrist. “It’s always frustrating when we arrest the individuals responsible for these crimes and then we see them back on the streets days or weeks later.”

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Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx says prosecutors must also make sure their cases are strong. “… And that we present those cases to the court, so that these juveniles get the resources and services and the sentences that are required in these cases.”