CHICAGO (CBS) — Board members at Des Plaines School District 62 could vote to fire the superintendent at a special Wednesday night, amid complaints from multiple women who work for the district.

Dr. Floyd Williams Jr. has been on the job for about half of his three-year contract. According to the Daily Herald, multiple women who work in the district have filed complaints against him, starting just months after he started his job in July 2016.

The district has scheduled a special school board meeting for 6:30 p.m. at Forest Elementary School to consider a separation agreement.

Williams hasn’t been seen at school for nearly a month, and has been on paid administrative leave since Halloween.

If he is forced out as superintendent, it won’t be the first time he has left a school district under pressure.

The Daily Herald reports Williams left his previous job at a school district in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after his boss claimed he had nude images of women on his work computer, and took photos of a female staff member that made her feel uncomfortable.