Smelly, Toxic Smelling Odor, Chicago Sewer, Northwest Side, Mystery Solved Pee-Ew, Adieu: Toxic Smell Disappears In Avondale – CBS Chicago

(CBS) — Water hoses, video cameras, and their noses — the tools used Wednesday by a team of city workers responding to CBS 2 about an awful smell in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams has been on the smelly mystery all week.

It started several days ago, in Sara Suh’s basement. Outside her home, several city workers probed the mystery, pulling out all the stops and trying to find out what’s caused the strong odor plaguing Suh and some of her neighbors.

The Suh household has had to keep the windows open, even during the cold, to try to air things out.

Wednesday, the workers closed a street, opened manhole covers and flushed the sewer.

They dropped a camera into the system to look for breaches. They even poured green dye into Suh’s toilet and watched the colored water go thru the system on a video screen.

All after of those steps everything appeared normal.

Supervisor Wallace Davis told Sara Suh he wouldn’t hesitate to return.

“They’ve gone above and beyond, and I appreciate everything that they’ve done,” she says.

Maybe something worked? Later Wednesday, the Suh family reported that for the first time in more than a week, the odor was gone.

“Not a whiff,” they say.