CHICAGO (CBS) — Rev. Jesse Jackson’s family and friends said today at the weekly Saturday forum at Rainbow PUSH headquarters that he is a fighter and he’ll take on Parkinson’s disease.

Rev. Henry Williamson, a past President of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, lauded the accomplishments of Rev. Jackson and asked for prayers.

“We can be proud that he laid the foundation for Barack Obama to be elected President of the United States,” said Williamson. “Not one time but twice.”

Jackson’s son Jonathan said his father was resting.

“The Rainbow PUSH is strong. This coming Monday he’ll be meeting with the Michael J. Fox Foundation dealing with Parkinson’s,” said Jackson. “And he will use his energy and channel it to fight this disease as he has fought for everything that has hampered, thwarted mankind before.”

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Jackson who’s 76, announced yesterday in a statement that he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

The diagnosis was made in 2015.

Jackson said he’s been slow to grasp the gravity of the disease.

His father also had Parkinson’s.

Jackson, who’s 76, did not attend the forum.

He said the good news is that the progression of the disease can be slowed with  diet, exercise and rest.