CHICAGO (CBS) –Chicago Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago watched CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini’s report about the use of a flammable metal siding on the River East complex, with great interest.

“We wished they used a different material,” said Santiago, adding he wasn’t aware of the use of Reynobond PE.

The commissioner says the fire departmenthas questions about why it was used.

However, Santiago said the building has modern safey systems.

“The fire safety systems there are very modern. It has an alarm panel that tells you if there is smoke or fire on any floor before it gets out of control. It has standpipes, so we can fight the fire from the inside.”

Santiago would not say whether the material should be replaced, if possible.

“I’d like to see, before, I make any decision like that, I’d like to see how it’s connected to the building … physically connected.”

Santiago said a specific concern would be any gaps between the panes and building, which would cause a chimney effect. He ways the department wouldn’t necessarily change its firefighting approach there.

But awareness?

“Currently, right now, because we know it’s there, I guarantee if we have a fire, we’ll be looking at that.”

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