CHICAGO (CBS) — Living in Chicago is about to become more expensive, as the City Council prepares for a final vote on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget plan for 2018, which will increase a number of taxes.

While the tax hikes won’t be as significant as in prior years, the city will boost taxes and fees in several areas.

The budget would increase the city’s 911 phone tax from $3.90 to $5 per month; add an additional 15 cent fee on trips arranged with ride-hailing apps like Lyft and Uber; bring in about $16 million in new revenue by overhauling the amusement tax charged for concerts and theater performances; increase fines for environmental and building code violations; and raise fees for restaurant licenses.

That would be on top of previously approved increases in the city’s property tax levy, and water and sewer fees.

The Chicago Tribune estimated the average homeowner will pay $174 more in taxes and fees in 2018. Since Emanuel took office, the average family is paying more than $1,800 more a year in taxes and fees to city government and the Chicago Public Schools.

The mayor’s budget will provide funding to fulfill his vow to add 1,000 new officers to the police force by the end of next year, as well as to expand after-school programs, and increase rat control efforts.

The City Council meets at 10:30 a.m. to vote on the budget plan. It is expected to pass without any serious opposition.