CHICAGO (CBS) — The Thanksgiving holiday can be tough on dogs and cats.

Thanksgiving is a day when humans can throw their diets to the wind and gorge on turkey, stuffing and everything else.

It’s a different story for pets.

Dr. David Gonsky is with West Loop Veterinary Care in Chicago.

“We’re best to keep our pets on their regular diet,” says Gonsky.

That’s because we don’t know how a pet will react to certain foods.

“Dogs with food allergies can react to things from Thanksgiving,” says Gonsky. “And then there are potentially toxic foods like raisins, grapes, garlic and onions. These things which we consume no problem can be a real big problem for our dogs.”

If you want to feed your pets from the table, Gonsky recommends fresh vegetables like raw carrots, green beans and asparagus.

He concedes a little turkey is probably OK.