CHICAGO (CBS) – A shooting near the Harvey-Markham border leads to a high-speed car chase across the Western suburbs and ends early Friday morning with four suspects in custody.

One of the men was found on an Oak Lawn rooftop. CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli has more on the story and where the suspects bailed out of their car.

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In a dead-end alley on the border between Hometown and Oak Lawn, the car chase came to an end when four occupants of a white vehicle bailed out.

One of the occupants of the vehicle actually ran to a building on Corcoran Street and somehow made his way on top.

Police spotted him and surrounded him.

After some tense negotiations, the man complied with officers demands to put his hands up. He then, as many officers watched, jumped off the roof and was immediately placed under arrest.

He is one of four people taken into custody Friday morning that were involved in the chase, which had police scaling fences and searching backyards at times.

The car according to preliminary reports was involved in some type of shooting in the Markham-Harvey area.

The driver then drove onto interstate 294.

That’s where Illinois State police spot at the vehicle and attempted to do a traffic stop.

The driver refused to pull over and exited the tollway at Cicero. Several police agencies became involved in the high-speed chase at 119th and Pulaski.

It went on for miles before 91st Street dead-ended into the alley forcing the four of people in the car to try and make a run for it.

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The owners of the home where one man was on the roof, woke up to quite a scare.

“It was terrifying,” said Lorna Kendall, talking about a suspect wanted by police walking across her roof before dawn.

Kendall has lived in the Hometown home for 56 years.

“It was scary,” she said. “I was actually crawling around the house because I was that scared I was afraid to put my head up.”

Her husband Ed wasn’t taking any chances and decided it was time to get his gun, because he feared any suspect desperate enough to lead police on a high-speed chase like this, just might kick in a window and come downstairs.

CBS: So you were thinking worst-case scenario he breaks in in and turns you two into hostages?

“Right right absolutely,” said Ed Kendall.

But instead he eventually decided to give up and jumped down from the roof where he was promptly arrested.

Now that the suspect and three others who bailed from the car after it ran into a dead-end in are in custody, the Kendall’s are still coming to terms with what happened.

CBS: Of all the houses to pick it had to be yours.

“It had to be the Kendall’s,” said Lorna Kendall.

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“I thought hoping way it was Santa Claus, but it’s a little early for him,” she laughed.