By Brad Edwards

(CBS) – An attack at an Egyptian mosque during Friday prayer sent shockwaves throughout the world, including here in Chicago.

Ahmed Rehab is known locally as executive director of the Chicago branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Egypt is his homeland.

Rehab says he was “sad” and “shocked” by the carnage.

“I would say confused, except it’s not new anymore that they target mosques and that they target Muslims or the religious who practice their faith,” he tells CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

“The Friday prayer is like the Islamic Sabbath, like Sunday Mass in the Christian tradition,” he adds.

That is when as many as 40 armed men detonated a bomb and cut down worshippers as they fled.

The attack on a mosque of the Sufi sect of Islam had all the hallmarks of ISIS.

“It is just an ideology of hate and a methodology of destruction,” Rehab says of the group.

President Trump called the attack “horrible and cowardly.” So far, there’s been no official claim of responsibility.

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