CHICAGO (CBS) — Monday, millionaire Chris Kennedy and billionaire J.B. Pritzker released their tax returns.

Pritzker, who’s campaign says he is worth $3.4 billion, reports:

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  • For 2016, a total income of $15.9 million
  • $5.26 million in federal deductions
  • $4.4 million in federal taxes

And he paid just over $456,000 in state taxes.

Kennedy, who’s net worth isn’t widely known, reports:

  • For 2017, $1.3 million in income
  • $809,000 in deductions
  • $174,000 in federal taxes paid

And just over $43,000 in state taxes.

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Both candidates filed thousands of signatures from voters on the first day of registration to get on the March 20th primary ballot. Pritzker filed an estimated 35,000 signatures, which is four times the amount needed.