CHICAGO (CBS) — Have you heard? There’s a Royal engagement, and it’s captivating the world!

Britain’s Prince Harry is set to wed American actress Meghan Markle in the spring, royal officials announced Monday.

However, before she was Meghan Markle, royal fiancée, or even the actress, she was Meghan Markle, the Northwestern University co-ed.

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Previously, Markle called Evanston home, as well as her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. And, shortly before graduating, she called one of her professors, Harvey Young.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross spoke with Young, who called her much more than a bride to be.

Young: She was driven, she was passionate.

Ross: What sort of things stood out?

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Young: I was impressed by her awareness of what it means to be a biracial woman. She was thoughtful, and understood what it means to sort of face prejudice and discrimination.

Young called her a “determined student,” who began as a briefcase model on the game show “Deal or No Deal.” Markle is now best known for her role as an ambitious paralegal in “Suits,” the legal drama series.

He added that she’s much more than her roles or photo shoots, describing a proud feminist who speaks out for the UN Women organization.

Young: My hope is that the spotlight on the engagement is a spotlight on the body of her work, and that includes her advocacy, that includes her social engagement efforts.

This is not the first Royal link to Northwestern University. In 1996, Princess Diana visited the campus. The Alumni Association sent their congratulations to the extended Royal Family as well as the NU family.