CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman was hospitalized after crashing her car into a house Wednesday morning in west suburban Carol Stream.

“I’m still in shock about it, really. My first reaction was — I’m screaming for my dogs,” said Christine Eisele, the homeowner, who was upstairs during the accident and wasn’t injured.

The crashed vehicle was temporarily parked in Eisele’s downstairs family room and part of a bathroom. Both rooms were ransacked, and the impact also extended to the floor above.

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A car crashed into a house Wednesday morning in Carol Stream. (Credit: Carol Stream police)

Eisele’s neighbor, Thomas Maher, said before the car hit her home, it struck a vehicle in his driveway as well as two mailboxes, located in the 800 block of Wabash Street.

“Cut across my lawn, smashed into the car, never slowed down and just kept flying down the street and went through that house,” he said.

Maher said he believes the driver was speeding, adding the incident took place in an instant.

“After I head the first boom, she was already in the house, I didn’t see a thing, the courtyard was empty.”

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One person was home when the car crashed into the house, but was not injured. (Credit: Carol Stream police)

Eisele has four pets, three of which were unharmed. She is still trying to locate one cat.

The driver of the crashed vehicle, a 2008 Mercury, was taken to Central DuPage Hospital, Carol Stream police said. Her condition has not been released, nor have police indicated how she lost control of her vehicle.