CHICAGO (CBS) — It may look ugly, but it sure tastes good.

Imperfect Produce sells vegetables and fruit that may look a bit odd, but is just as good as any other veggies. WBBM’s Bob Roberts has this week’s Made in Chicago.

Imperfect Produce’s Minnie Fong has just been contemplating a carrot that’s as big as her forearm – literally! No other supermarket will stock such a monster.

“One in five apples or oranges or any piece of produce that is grown does not get accepted at the retail level,” she said.

Think of all the salads and soups you could make with it.

She said Imperfect Produce gives you that chance – boxes of fruit, veggies or a combination – conventional or organic, delivered to your door every one or two weeks.

“What makes us unique, as well, is every two weeks you get to go into your account and customize the box that you’ll receive. So we prepopulate the box that you receive with items that we think you will find exciting. If for example you don’t like celery, you can take it out of your box and add more carrots, or onions, or any other thing that you prefer,” Fong said.

Seriously affordable, Fong said Imperfect Produce prices are 30 to 50 percent less than the supermarkets. What is it not?

“We never send you bad products that are bruised. We have a strict quality control team that really inspects every single piece of produce that goes through our doors,” she said.

Imperfect Produce tries to buy locally as much as possible. This is its fifth market, but the first outside of California and the Pacific Northwest. Sign up for deliveries began Dec. 4 in the city and are expanding to the suburbs – assortments of oddly-shaped, but delicious fruit and veggies, Made in Chicago.