CHICAGO (CBS) — A few dozen medical students and doctors marched at Chicago’s Federal Plaza at noontime – to demand that the U-S government provide more money to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Doctors, med students, health professionals all spoke about the importance of funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program – or CHIP.

And in between those speakers: 23-year-old Melanie Lockridge spoke to the rally.

23-year-old Melanie Lockridge spoke to support the refunding of CHIP. (Credit Ste Miller/WBBM)

“Being a single parent with two daughters, it’s just scary thinking I won’t be able to afford the things she needs,” says Lockridge. “With everything I’m going through, I still managed to step outside my shoes and say there’s someone worse (off.) There’s some child that needs it even more, even though my baby needs it.”

Dozens demonstrate downtown to support the refunding of CHIP. (Credit: Steve Miller/WBBM)

Afterward, she cried, telling a reporter she wasn’t sure what she’d do if Congress doesn’t restore funding for CHIP.

Lockridge was at the rally with her healthy, 2-year-old daughter.

Her 1-year-old daughter, Zamarii, is hospitalized with pulmonary hypertension.