CHICAGO (CBS) — A question was posed on the website, ‘Reddit’ about why two women are standing on opposite corners in the Loop selling the same candy.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser decided to investigate.

The man wrote: “Sorry to go all Larry David, but I have a problem. The woman who sings unintelligibly about chocolates has been there for years.”

Over the past few months, he wrote, there has been another woman doing the same thing on the other side of the street. He suggested she get her own corner.

At the corner of Madison and Clark, in the Loop, a woman stands selling ‘World’s Finest Chocolate’ candy bars.

So what is with second woman doing the same thing across the street?

The woman said she is not new; neither is the other woman across the street.

“That lady has been sitting at that church for 22 years, or 25 – we have the same customers. A man was helping us out when we were selling StreetWise,” she said.

They were selling StreetWise, and now candy in the Loop in friendly competition.