CHICAGO (CBS) — The head cheerleading coach at Stagg High School in southwest suburban Palos Hills is reportedly out of a job in a war on words.

Bridget Guzior, 29, had been suspended without pay since late August. According to published reports, she used the “B” word in a text to a student and has now been fired for misconduct.

Guzior said the messages were part of a group text that included parents.

District 230 School Board deliberated on the decision of Guzior’s termination earlier this week and came to the conclusion to to terminate Ms. Guzior’s employment effective close of the day Tuesday, Dec. 12 and to pay her through Dec. 12.

“In summary, the primary reason for the Board’s action this evening is Ms. Guzior’s profane text message to a student in August of this year. This conduct was in violation of a written administrative directive approximately one year ago which was reinforced in writing again last spring. Contributing to the Board’s decision are Ms. Guzior’s failure to attend a required investigatory conference on October 11, 2017, and her inadequate recordkeeping in connection with the cheer program violated district policies and establish procedures, although the Board emphasizes that no financial improprieties have been alleged or found,” the school district’s statement read.

Several parents and students have defended Guzior, saying she used the word to describe failures in cheerleading competitions.

The coach also said she was targeted for accusing an athletic director of sexual harassment.

“It’s just insanity how they can take and suspend her after four days for a text message and someone accused of sexual harassment is still in a school with children and everyone else six weeks later. Where’s the double standard stop?” said parent, Michael Orloff at an October school board meeting.

The Board said “the Athletic Director did not play a role, or otherwise impact in any way, the decision to recommend the termination of Ms. Guzior’s employment. The decision to recommend termination was made by other administrators well before either the administration or the Board had any knowledge of her harassment claims. While the Board and administration have taken Ms. Guzior’s allegations very seriously, the conduct of the Athletic Director is not legally or ethically related to the basis for the disciplinary action to be taken against Ms. Guzior, nor does any alleged misconduct by the Athletic Director excuse the conduct for which she is being disciplined.”