CHICAGO (CBS) — Some members of Chicago’s legal community have come to the aid of hundreds of kids for Christmas.

Sweet Holy Spirit Church has hosted a Christmas toy giveaway for 15 years. Several businesses have annually donated thousands of dollars to aid the popular event. This year, however, the donations have not matched the previous year, according to Bishop Larry Trotter, senior Pastor of the Chicago-based church.

So, Cook County judges Litricia Payne and Debra Seaton and defense attorney William Laws joined forces. Upon hearing of the church’s challenges, the trio decided to bridge the financial gap. According to a church spokesperson, the giveaway will now be able to benefit 300 low income kids between the ages of 3 and 13.

“We have people around the church that have absolutely nothing, so for them to get a teddy bear or something that’s been blessed — and for these lawmakers to assist us, it just makes me heart glad,” Bishop Trotter said.

Trotter added that Sweet Holy Spirit was close to calling off this year’s event, as the church could not bear the cost of the toys. “But God gave us three angels, to which we are forever appreciative.”

“There’s a certain joy in giving and getting, so if I can help to spread that then I will,” Payne said.

All three legal professionals will be presented Certificates of Appreciation from Bishop Trotter.