CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Democratic candidate for governor Daniel Biss has outlined some of his ideas for reforming the state’s criminal justice system.

Biss says he is proposing reforms that go beyond the usual “comfort zone” of many such plans, including legalizing marijuana, helping raise tax revenue, and getting rid of cash bond and racial sensitivity training for all workers — not just police.

Some of these reform outlines have already been discussed in Springfield. Biss says some officials are content to discuss reforms, and are willing to back the easy solutions, but “run away” from the harder proposals.

If elected governor, Biss says he will make sure the discussions stay focused on what is needed and what’s important.

Biss says his plans also encompass adequate funding for the justice system, holding police accountable for their actions as well as improved training. There are also measures to license gun dealers, ban assault weapons and bump stocks, and reform sentencing.

“Reforming sentencing is something that requires a complete look at the entire system, not just a few politically popular and safe areas for reform, but the entire sentencing system,” he said.

Biss was joined Monday by his running mate, fellow lawmaker Letisa Wallace, who has also sponsored legislation to do some of these things already.