CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A Kendall County woman was looking for a way to cheer up her family after they were involved in a serious car accident, so she turned to social media.

While 28-year-old Kami Terry was working at home, her husband took his truck and he and their three daughters went out to get a Christmas tree. On the way back they were hit by another driver.

“The truck had flipped four times,” Terry said.

And then upside-down.

Terry received a call from the hospital emergency room. All of Kami Terry’s family was in the ER. Her husband and three daughters – ages 6, 5 and 3 – were all hurt in a car accident.

The Terry family daughters (Photo courtesy of Kami Terry)

Since that day just over two weeks ago, Terry said her family is healing from its physical wounds. But mentally, the accident has taken a toll, especially on her three daughters.

“My oldest one actually has meltdowns and she’ll talk about, if anyone has to die she wishes it was her instead of her sisters – which is heartbreaking,” Terry said.

Terry went on Facebook and asked people to cheer up her daughters by sending Christmas cards.

Several dozen people – total strangers responded.

“It’s been incredible. My girls – they just love getting all the cards and reading everything. It’s great to see them really cheer up with all of this,” she said.

One woman in Indiana stood out to Terry.

“She had told my girls that God has his hand on them and they must have a very special job to do,” Terry said.