By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) – Thanks to technology and quick action, a Lyft driver got his SUV back after it was stolen.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports.

Darren Reboletti, who has driven for the ridesharing service for about a month, thought he got into an accident early Wednesday.

“This guy bumps me, very gently,” he says.

Reboletti says he was hit from behind as he dropped passengers off near 31st and Prairie.

The other driver “was real nice and said, ‘I will pay you for any damage,’ and then he got around me and went real fast and got in the car and then sat down in the car.”

It was a “bump and run.” Reboletti’s brand new Jeep was gone.

“There’s no consequences,” he says. “These kids know they aren’t really going to get in that much trouble.”

But with the help of GPS tracking, Reboletti, along with police, traced the car to 47th and South King Drive. They found the vehicle dumped and unoccupied.

Police spent hours dusting for fingerprints and going through the car. But Reboletti got his Jeep back.

“I’m going to continue to go into those neighborhoods because people need us to be there,” he says.

No arrests have been made, and the man who took the car got away with Reboletti’s checks, keys and other personal belongings. The carjacker didn’t take his iPad or cell phone, which were sitting in plain sight.