By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) — Christmas comes early for a five-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the hand earlier this week.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar caught up with him as he took his mind off his injury.

There’s a special delivery for Kavan Collins. Thursday night, he was back to just being a kid by opening up presents. This year his favorite toy is a firetruck.

The child was only able to use one hand to rip open those gifts. On Tuesday,  he accidentally shot himself in the hand. Chicago police say he found the gun under his father’s mattress in the family’s South Side home.

Kavan is actually recovering from his second gunshot wound. Last year, a stray bullet hit him in the face.

Father Kevin Collins was arrested Tuesday shortly after the shooting. The convicted felon was charged with several gun-related offenses.

The gifts for the young Collins were collected by community activist Andrew Holmes, with the help of local DJs and charitable organizations.

“We want the child to be a child. We want him to keep smiling,” Holmes says.

Kavan was released from the hospital Thursday, De Mar reports.