CHICAGO (CBS) — Governor Rauner acknowledges the Republican Tax Plan President Trump will sign means both good news and bad news for taxpayers in Illinois.

Governor Rauner previously resisted discussing many specifics in the GOP tax legislation, but now he tells reporters the good part about the plan is that it is very supportive of businesses. But, he said, he wishes the bill did more for the middle class.

“I personally wish it did more for the middle class, middle-income earners. I don’t think it does quite enough. I think the good part of it is that I think it’s really going to help make America, every state in America more supportive of businesses,” he said.

Still he said limited the local property tax deduction will be difficult in states like Illinois.

“Not having the deduction for its cap now, the deduction for local property taxes, local sales taxes, local income taxes for states like Illinois and others, it makes it more difficult. It makes it all the more important that we make the types of changes that we’ve been, I’ve been recommending from day one,” Rauner said.

Which he said is reducing property taxes and rolling back the income tax hike the legislature approved over his veto.