(WBBM Newsradio) — If you take the Kennedy Expressway, you have probably wondered: What’s the story with that woman on a pedestrian overpass north of Foster and what’s with all her signs?

WBBM’s Steve Miller is about to tell you.

She is a 61-year-old Jefferson Park resident; born in Evanston; and raised in Washington State. She’s been back in Chicago for 35 years.

“I am the daughter of a criminal defense attorney, and my father also told me and ingrained in me to stand up for what I believe in,” Veronica Wolski says.

She believes in Bernie Sanders. And her signs Thursday said: “Repeal & Replace Congress” and “Vote Them Out.”

img 1895 Atop Expressway, A Woman Expresses Her Opinions

A rear view of one of Veronica Wolski’s signs. It reads “VOTE THEM OUT.” (Steve Miller/WBBM)

Cars and trucks honk in support.

WBBM asks: “Do you talk to them, ever?”

“Normally what I do is sing to myself, but if somebody puts their hand out the window, I’ll call down to them, ‘Thank you.'”

img 1861 Atop Expressway, A Woman Expresses Her Opinions

Veronica Wolski greets motorists from an overpass along the Kennedy Expressway. (Steve Miller/WBBM)

She says some people, on the other hand, call up to her: “Go home, go home.”

“I always say, ‘I’ll go home when the country’s right,’” Wolski says.