CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police are looking for three men who carjacked a man in Chinatown. It comes after a series of aggressive attacks in the neighborhood in the past two months.

Police said the victim parked his Mercedes SUV around 10 p.m. near 19th and Wentworth, when three robbers approached and announced a robbery as he was walking away. One of the robbers stuck a gun in his face.

The victim handed over his car keys, and the carjackers drove away, headed south on Wentworth.

The carjacking came on the heels of a series of purse snatchings in the Chinatown area.

Last month, police released surveillance video of two robberies that happened across the street from each other, three days apart. So far, two teens have been taken into custody in one of those attacks.

It’s a spate of crime that has left the neighborhood on edge. Some people who live in the area have called for increased police patrols.