CHICAGO (CBS) — The four-legged residents of a Chicago animal shelter received some visitors, and presents, on Christmas Eve.

Susan Russell is Executive Director of Chicago Animal Care and Control, putting on “Christmas Eve for the Animals” for a fifth straight year.

“It’s a beautiful time,” she said. “People see what a whole bunch of good people can do to help these beautiful creatures get a second chance. That’s why these events are so important for us.”

Volunteers brought in blankets, toys and even some things you didn’t know animals needed.

“As silly as it sounds, we use hot dogs for training,” said Cynthia Bathurst, Executive Director of Safe Humane Chicago. “We also use plenty of bottled water.”

Some made their own gift bags, some came in to adopt a pet and others just wanted to spread some holiday cheer. Care and Control’s Jenny Schlueter said there’s nothing wrong with that.

“A little extra TLC is just really wonderful,” she said.