CHICAGO (CBS) — Water and slush were covering several streets in the West Pullman and Roseland neighborhoods, after a car crashed into a fire hydrant Thursday morning.

Water Department Commissioner Randy Conner said crews were called out to 115th and Princeton around 4:30 a.m., after a vehicle crashed into a hydrant, shearing it off.

The broken hydrant sent water gushing into the streets, flooding sections of 115th Street, Princeton Avenue, and Yale Avenue.

Crews had to use torches to thaw manhole covers so they could shut off several valves on the main feeding the hydrant. After shutting off the water, crews cleared ice-clogged storm drains.

“Because of the amount of water, and because of the cold temperatures, a lot of the water has started to freeze. So it took us a little bit longer to be able to shut this section of main down to repair the hydrant,” he said.

Water covered several residential blocks, creating small ponds, and flooding some basements.

Joey Walker said he had at least 3 feet of water in his basement.

“I don’t know how much damage I have until the water goes down,” he said.

About four hours after the hydrant was hit, the water in the streets had drained, but water service remained shut off to several homes while crews replaced the broken hydrant and repaired damaged valves on the main.