By Dan Bernstein — senior columnist

(670 The Score) It’s completely silly that Pro Football Hall of Fame precedent suggests that Bears great Brian Urlacher’s chance of going in on his first try can be negatively affected by the presence of Ray Lewis on the same ballot.

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That’s entirely unfair and simply makes no logical sense in punishing one all-time great for happening to play the same position as another and happening to retire around the same time. But despite that being complete lunacy, some experts continue to point to voting history that sees more than one at the same spot enshrined in the same year to be a rarity, regardless.

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Not to mention the fact that Lewis and Urlacher were asked to do different jobs even though both were middle linebackers. The numbers can never explain how great they were at their specific individual work responsibilities, and each deserves credit for doing what he did — Lewis the monster attacking downhill and Urlacher more often tasked with quite the opposite, racing back to a zone landmark and reading the play before either flying into a passing lane or firing himself at ball-carriers and receivers as if shot out of a bazooka.

Two guys, both entirely deserving. Neither’s candidacy this year should affect that of the other. That’s a dumb practice, and even if it has existed, it should certainly end.

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