CHICAGO (CBS) — One day after her show-stopping Golden Globes speech, rumors began swirling that Oprah Winfrey is toying with the idea of a presidential run.

So, will it be Oprah in 2020?

“At this moment, there are some little girls watching as I become the first black woman to be given this award,” Winfrey said Sunday. “I want all the girls watching to know: A new day is on the horizon. When that new day finally dawns, it will be because of the magnificent women and many of them are in this room tonight.”

To some, Oprah’s speech sounded more like a stump speech.

“Could she possibly be thinking about running for president?” questioned political strategist and WVON radio personality Maze Jackson.

The social media world was certainly thinking along those lines.

Before the media mogul stepped off the stage, the word “presidential” was already the adjective of choice on Twitter, with #Oprah2020 trending almost immediately, CBS News reports. “SHE’S RUNNING,” said several Twitter users.

WVON, a radio station serving the Chicago market, received a huge response when talking about it on air Monday. Furthermore, at a Chicago eatery near the old Harpo Studios, Oprah is already the hometown favorite.

“Oprah was always a persona that brought everyone together, and I think that’s what we need,” said Chicagoan Erika Weir.

But, does she have what it takes to be president?

“I think she does. I think she’s proven that throughout her lengthy career,” another Chicagoan, Larry Brown, said.

Not everyone is under that impression, though. “I don’t know if being a great orator and talk show host qualifies her for being a great president,” Jeff Sterling said.

But Jackson says her popularity and success would make her a juggernaut.

“She crosses all barriers — black, white, male, female. And, plus, everybody probably will be thinking they could get a chance to get a car, too.”

Oprah’s long-time partner, Stedman Graham, only added to the speculation when he told The Los Angeles Times that, while it is “up to the people… She would absolutely do it.”

No official word from Oprah herself.