By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) – People in Hawaii received an emergency text warning Saturday that sent chills down their spines.

The warning of an inbound missile, fortunately, turned out to be a false alarm.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross spoke to Chicago-area visitors there who may never forget that text.

moms Two Chicago Area Women In Hawaii Got The Doomsday Text

Aubrene Fiore, left; Julie Grainge (CBS)

The panic recorded by cell phone played out in Hawaiian streets. The pictures of people sheltering in terror were real, even if the alert was not.

Elmhurst’s Julie Grainge was with her husband on vacation in Honolulu when the alert came down. A hotel message followed, and trip to paradise turned into panic.

“I don’t even know where a shelter is and how do you shelter from a missile,” she says.

Aubrene Fiore of the South Loop had a similar terrifying experience.

“Even thinking about it … the adrenaline is just flowing,” Fiore tells Ross. “Crying a little bit, trying to stay calm.”

It was her first full day of vacation in Hawaii.