CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago City Council is expected to give final approval on Wednesday to a contract deal worked out with more than 30 municipal labor unions. And that’s just one item on a full agenda.

There’s likely to be contentious debate over committing more than $5.5 million tax dollars to an expansion by Presence Health in some underserved neighborhoods. The sticking point is the religious institution refuses to perform abortions.

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The streets will get some attention in one form or another during Wednesday’s Chicago City Council meeting.

Twenty-three-year veteran John Tully is expected to be confirmed Chicago’s new commissioner of Streets and Sanitation. He wants use technology to better handle resident complaints and promises more education to encourage recycling.

“We are going out to schools to train the children and hopefully bring that education into their homes,” Tully said.

He also wants to focus on people who refuse to recycle, but isn’t talking fines just yet.

“It’s not about a revenue generator. We want to talk to the residents and make them understand what they are doing, what their actions are to contaminate the container,” Tully said.

The Council will likely approve labor agreements for thousands of blue collar employees, including snow plow and garbage truck drivers. And there could be new rules for companies that boot cars on private property.

And the Aldermen will likely okay the latest settlement stemming from police torture and wrongful convictions under disgraced ex-Commander Jon Burge. This one is $9.3 million.