(WBBM Newsradio) — An 18-year-old trans student at Palatine High School has lost a round in court as she tries to get “full and equal access” to the girls locker room.

What Palatine High School Senior Nova Maday wants is to be allowed in the girls locker room, with no special changing area.

Township High School District 211 says trans students have to use a private changing stall.

In Cook County court, a judge has now sided with the school, saying the way the law reads there is no requirement for “full and equal access.”

The ACLU is supporting the trans student, and ACLU Spokesman Ed Yohnka says the court is misreading the law. The misreading has implications for other students, he says.

“That a school district, as long as it allowed all students to access the cafeteria, could force students with disabilities to sit at one table in a far corner.”

The trans student, Nova Maday, 18, says she is disappointed.

A statement from the school district says its policy is balanced and reasonable.