CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Here we are once again, Facebook is making changes on how you see things in your newsfeed.

This time the change is making an emphasis on interactions between friends and family and will make sure those posts generate first and more often in your newsfeed. Which is great if you want that couple who never stops posting about every little thing they do, those 50+ photos of the someone’s baby that you have never met, finding out another friend is engaged and you’re still in the singles club, the dinner plate because you need everyone to see what you are eating, or the post from the gym because if you don’t post about it, it doesn’t count right?

But what about news? You might miss all the updates that WBBM Newsradio 780 is delivering – the latest news, weather, sports, traffic and more!

How to keep seeing us in your news feed! (WBBM)

So how do you keep us in your newsfeed so you never miss a thing?

Here’s what you need to do on mobile:

– Open the Facebook app
– In the bottom right hand corner, click the menu button (three stacked lines)
– Scroll down and click “Settings”
– Hit “News Feed Preferences”
– Chose “Prioritize who to see first”
– Select WBBM Newsradio

Here’s what you need to do on desktop (this also works on mobile):

– Go to the WBBM Newsradio Facebook Page
– Click “Like” and “Following” on the upper left side of the screen
– Select the drop down menu under “Following”
– Select “See First”

How to keep seeing us in your news feed! (WBBM)