CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A Chicago anti-violence activist is hoping to reach people who know about two babies who were abandoned and found dead last year in two south suburbs.

Activist Andrew Holmes, who is typically found at the scenes of violent crimes trying to help police and provide comfort to families, is looking for the public’s help in solving the two cases.

The babies bodies were found dead last summer – one in June in Dolton and the other in July in Markham – both in plastic bags.

Holmes prayed with Minister Helen Riley on Friday morning at the Dolton scene, near 157th and Drexel.

“There has to be a mother and a father and there has to be family members that know your daughter was carrying a child,” Holmes said. “So I’m going to lay a teddy bear and a rose for this little baby here in Dolton and I’m going to lay a teddy bear and a rose in Markham.”

He placed a rose and a teddy bear at the base of a tree next to a shed where a baby was found dead last June in Dolton. He and the minister then set off on a roughly 10 mile walk to the scene of a burned out home in Markham near 155th and Hamlin, where a baby’s body was found after someone set fire to an abandoned home in July. He carried another teddy bear and rose to be placed there.

He’s hoping someone’s conscience will make them come forward with information that could help police solve the cases. And he reminded people about the state’s Safe Haven law, allowing unwanted babies to be dropped off, no questions asked, and police stations, fire houses and hospitals.

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