CHICAGO (CBS) — Marilyn Hartman was arrested again at O’Hare Airport Sunday, less than a week after she allegedly slipped past security and airline employees and flew from Chicago to London without a ticket.

Employees in the area of the airport that caters to privately owned airplanes spotted Hartman. She was told to leave but refused, so employees called police.

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Nicknamed the “Serial Stowaway,” the 66-year-old Grayslake woman also snuck onto a British Airways flight on Jan. 14, but when she arrived in London without a passport, authorities sent her back to Chicago, where she was charged with trespassing and theft.

A judge told Hartman one condition of her bond was that she stay away from O’Hare and Midway airports, which she said she could do, but failed to do so.

Despite jail time and the judge’s warning, Hartman continues to attempt to take unticketed jaunts. Why?

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According to CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller, Hartman’s case falls in the gray area of the legal system. “They realize she may have a problem, but the problem is how to solve that problem. The law is not always the means to do that,” he said.

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For one, she doesn’t necessarily qualify for inpatient mental health treatment. Often times, people need to demonstrate that they’re a danger to themselves or to others, Miller said, which doesn’t appear to be Hartman’s case.

Furthermore, there’s not many people in favor of sticking her into a penitentiary because what she’s doing is, seemingly, harmless.

Hartman’s public defender told CBS 2’s Lauren Victory that she hasn’t quite figured out what she’s going to do when it comes to arguing for keeping Hartman out of jail.

She is being held without bond and is scheduled to be back in court on Jan. 31.

Hartman has been arrested several times on trespassing charges for trying to sneak onto planes at O’Hare and Midway, including trying to board a plane at Midway without a ticket in July 2015 less than 24 hours after being released from jail.

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She has said in the past that she is homeless and struggles with mental illness.