CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Tinley Park police said last week’s 10th anniversary of the Lane Bryant massacre has prompted some new tips in the case.

Tinley Park Police Chief Steve Neubauer said that between Friday and Tuesday afternoon, 40 potential leads have been called in or emailed to his department.

Neubauer said that, on a normal week, his department receives one or two tips about the five women who were killed and one who was wounded in the Lane Bryant store on 191st and Harlem.

5b23d933c4db4a5bbe3499278ad54f3b Anniversary Of Lane Bryant Massacre Brings In New Leads

10 years after five women were shot to death in a Tinley Park Lane Bryant store, police release a new image of the shooter in the hopes that someone will come forward. (Credit: CBS)

Each of the new tips is still being checked out.

“Many of these tips, you know, people name a suspect and then we’ll find that suspect was in jail someplace when this occurred, so all that kind of background has to be done. It’s very tedious and it’s a lot of work,” Neubauer said.

Chief Neubauer said there’s still a $100,000 reward offered for information leading to the killer.

new lane bryant sketch Anniversary Of Lane Bryant Massacre Brings In New Leads

A 3-D enhanced sketch of the suspect in the murders of five women at the Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park in 2008. (Credit: Tinley Park Police)

Last week, Tinley Park police released a new 3-D image of their suspect in the hopes of prompting new tips. The chief said many of the new tips “are related to the new drawing.”

He said each of the leads is being checked out by the one full-time detective and one-part-time detective working to solve the massacre.

Besides the reward, Chief Neubauer said there’s still a hotline people can call to report a tip: 708-444-5394, and an e-mail tip address: