CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Governor Rauner said he’s very troubled by reports that a Think Tank he once relied on may be engaged in some questionable financial arrangements.

An investigation by the Sun-Times and ProPublica Illinois said the non-profit Illinois Policy Institute and its sister non-profits may have funneled money through loans to profit-making enterprises also controlled by IPI’s leader John Tillman.

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Governor Rauner previously hired several IPI people and donated money, but he said no more.

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“Based on what I have seen – I have not studied the whole article that has come out – but based on what I’ve been told and what little I’ve learned on it, it sounds like there’s been improper structure there and improper benefits,” he said.

“I would absolutely not give them another nickel. I can say that. I’ve been a long time funder of efforts to bring free market principles to Illinois and to America. They use to be an advocate there, but I’m very troubled with what I learned.”

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John Tillman is quoted in saying, “all transactions were appropriate and fully disclosed.”