CHICAGO (CBS) — Friday was a snow day for many kids and adults alike, with most schools closed and plenty of people staying home from work due to the snowstorm, but that didn’t mean it was a lazy start to the weekend.

In Naperville, for example, plenty of neighbors were helping each other dig out from all the snow, while kids were having fun on their day off.

Ajay Nwosu is a rookie snow shoveler. He moved to Chicago from England, so all this snow is fairly new to him.

“It’s a little bit annoying, because I didn’t grow up with this. So it’s one of those things that you just kind of have to deal with living in Chicago, right?,” he said.

He and his girlfriend were taking turns clearing the snow in their driveway and Naperville, and she was even giving him a few pointers.

“He’s got to earn his keep here,” Maria Chambers said. “He’s doing a pretty good job. I mean, I got it started for him. Got most of it cleared out.”

As if shoveling several inches of snow wasn’t enough exercise, Nwosu was headed to the gym later Friday.

“This is actually my first workout, or my warmup. I’m going to head to the gym straight after this,” he said.

Meantime, Lynn Johnson had trouble getting her car out of the driveway in time for work, so her co-worker stopped by to give her a ride.

“My garage is on the alley, so the street hasn’t been plowed yet, and the alley isn’t plowed,” Johnson said.

It’s only February, but Johnson said she’s already done with Old Man Winter.

“I hate it, but I love summer,” she said.

Of course, the snow didn’t mean extra work for everyone. It made for perfect sledding conditions on the hill at the cul de sac on 4th Avenue just west of Columbia Street.