(CBS) – One relative of Shomari Legghette were stunned to learn the career criminal is the suspect now formally charged with killing a Chicago police commander this week.

“That was him?” Florentina Legghette, the suspect’s aunt, asked CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

Edwards went to the relative’s address Wednesday. The aunt and other family members said they tried to keep their distance from Shomari Legghette, who had several past convictions.

“The older he got, the more militant he got,” a cousin told Edwards.

His aunt seemed resigned that Shomari now faces several charges in connection with Cmdr. Paul Bauer’s murder. The police commander sought to detain Legghette Tuesday afternoon outside the Thompson Center after the suspect broke away from tactical officers downtown.

The two fought and Legghette shot the police commander several times, authorities say.

“You live that type of life, that’s what happens,” aunt said of her nephew.

It doesn’t appear Shomari Legghette ever served a full sentence for his prior convictions, most likely because the prison terms were reduced for good behavior.

On Tuesday, police say, the career criminal was wearing body armor and had guns as well as illegal drugs on him.