CHICAGO (CBS) — Shaw Decremer appears to have lost his pivotal role as one of Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s top political lieutenants.

Once on the state payroll, later a lobbyist, Decremer’s job was to help Madigan-sponsored House candidates get elected — until now.

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A Madigan spokesman confirmed Monday: “He had assignments (this year), but not now. All I can tell you is he has no current assignments.”

One week ago, it became known Madigan political aide Kevin Quinn was fired after former campaign worker Alaina Hampton accused Quinn of sexual harassment.

Now, the losses in Madigan’s inner circle are starting to add up.

Decremer was also named in a lawsuit against Madigan, filed by Jason Gonzales, Madigan’s 2016 primary challenger.

“He is a major reason why Illinois is in the condition that it’s in, and he has to go,” Gonzales said.

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In the suit, Gonzales charged that Decremer placed two “sham candidates” on the ballot to dilute the Hispanic vote. Madigan won easily.

In the wake of the harassment scandal, gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss Monday called for Madigan to step down as state Democratic chairman, as candidate Chris Kennedy did earlier.

Madigan issued a statement Monday evening:

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“Last week I was advised of inappropriate behavior by a volunteer toward a candidate and staff during the 2016 election. I quickly made sure the individual had no participation in any activities my committees are involved in. I offered to refer the matter to outside counsel and that offer was declined. The complainant and I met with the individual and the complainant assured me that the situation had been appropriately resolved. The individual will no longer be involved with any activities of my political committees. I reaffirm my commitment to change the culture. I do not tolerate inappropriate behavior or abuse of any kind and remain committed to ensuring all individuals can do their work without fear of harassment, abuse, or retaliation.”