CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A wedding videographer from Peotone shares his favorite stories about what went wrong at ceremonies he worked at, in hopes of helping future brides and grooms avert disasters.

Jason Drake said nine out of 10 of the weddings he’s worked at across the Chicago-area have gone fine. Then there’s the 10 percent that don’t.

“You’d think all the money being spent. Everyone is dressed up nice. You have all your friends and family, that’s the time to act your best. And it actually brings out the worse in people and I don’t know why,” Drake said.

“You Stay Classy, Wedding People” by Jason Drake (Credit: Amazon)

So in his book “You Stay Classy, Wedding People” Drake shares stories of what went wrong to help prospective brides and grooms avert similar problems.

“I hope people can learn and that way their day is not ruined. ‘Hey these guys really drove it into the ground, maybe I won’t do what they did. And then I am going to have a great day,'” he said.

His tips include the wedding couple holding off on drinking alcohol until later in the reception after they’ve eaten something, making sure everyone giving speeches and toasts is prepared and has appropriate material, and allowing plenty of time to get to all of the events.