CHICAGO (CBS) — Dozens of Chicago police officers honored late Cmdr. Paul Bauer on Tuesday by visiting his 13-year-old daughter’s school.

The officers lined the street outside South Loop Elementary as students arrived at school Tuesday morning. Chicago Police Department spokesman Frank Giancamilli said the officers were there to show support for Bauer’s family. Bauer’s daughter, Grace, attends the school.

Bauer, 53, was shot and killed last week while trying to apprehend a suspect outside the Thompson Center in the Loop. A four-time felon has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting Bauer six times during a confrontation in a stairwell outside the Thompson Center.

At his daughter’s school, Bauer has been remembered for always stepping up, starting the daddy-daughter dance and always smiling when with his daughter.

“You really realize how important that person was to you your school community, your community, and that someone has lost their husband and their father,” principal Tara Shelton said last week.


Blue ribbons lined the street outside South Loop Elementary in honor of the commander. Students also signed a giant condolence card for their grieving classmate last week.

One message said, “Your dad was a hero.” Another said, “Stay strong we love you.”

Rishi Agrawal, a South Loop parent, said Bauer encouraged him to get involved at the school. He called Grace a superstar on the debate team he coaches.