CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A greater amount of traffic lights in the Chicago-area are flashing due to the weather, and it appears some drivers don’t know what they’re supposed to do when they encounter them.

The rules of the road are clear on what to do when there’s a malfunctioning or flashing stop light.

The first driver who arrives at the intersection and stops has the right of way, then the next driver can go, and so on.

Dave Druker of the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office says some drivers either don’t know the law, or choose to ignore it.

“Approach cautiously when you see those lights,” he said. “A prudent, conservative approach is the best way to deal with coming to the intersection, and treat it as a 4-way stop.”

Druker says even if you know the rules of the road, you have to assume other drivers don’t, especially when it comes to flashing stop lights.